Four Bold Voices in the Field of Innovation (Part 2)

voices on innovation
voices on innovation

Those who are the boldest are almost always the ones who advance a field and bring to it new dimensions and horizons. The bold are those who dare to think outside the box, beyond all boundaries, and come up with radical new concepts that have the power to change everything. For the field of innovation, here are four more of the boldest voices leading the charge right now:

1. Rajiv Narang

If you’re in the innovation world, you’ve almost certainly heard of Erewhon. How could you not? It’s India’s #1 Innovation Consulting firm! And the magnitude and impact of their work is succinctly delivered by their motto and methodology – they’re not just paradigm-moving or game-changing, they’re orbit shifting!

But do you also know about the man behind Erewhon? Rajiv Narang has been ceaselessly innovating and breaking boundaries since 1989 and shows no signs of slowing down. He is a prominent thought leader in innovation and has also advised on important committees and foundations to promote innovation in India! His mission, in his words, is to ‘enable the world to leverage Innovation, to find non-linear  answers for the immense challenges that  face our planet today’ Well, that’s certainly a mission we can get behind!

2. Gijs van Wulfen

Gijs van Wulfen is truly a bold voice in innovation, in the most literal sense of the word. He is a prolific speaker on the subject and has regaled audiences all over the world on the wonders of innovation. He has also written four groundbreaking books on innovation. The five main themes he talks about are:

–     How to start innovation?

–     How to create a culture for innovation?

–     How to get great ideas?

–     Leading innovation

–     Inspiration for Innovation: 100 lessons for innovators

3.Sonam Wangchuk

Many of you may know him as the inspiration behind the character Rancho from 3 Idiots. But there are many more dimensions to Sonam Wangchuk. He is a man of many talents — an engineer, an innovator and education reformist. He is also the founding-director of the Students’ Educational and Cultural Movement of Ladakh. Most recently, he has also become somewhat of a popular YouTuber!

4.       Sridhar Ramanathan

When you want to get fit, do you just start eating random foods and haphazard exercises? No, you go to a proper trainer and dietitian. When you are sick, do you just pick out any medicine bottle and swallow the contents? No, you call your doctor. In the most important parts of our lives, we always defer to the experts. So why should it be any different with our work? Innovation is the most critical part of our work, and to do it right, one must call in an expert. That is exactly who Sridhar Ramanathan is. Truly a pioneer in the field of innovation, he is an Innovation Facilitator and Coach. He has also delivered some powerful talks on the subject, and has written a book on it as well. In his own words, ‘My book Unlock The Real Power Of Ideation is about the story of a CEO and his team. And their journey in thinking differently and discovering themselves. While it provokes fresh thinking, the book also shows a practical approach to implementing new ideas.’ Wow, sounds intriguing! We’ve already grabbed our copy, did you?

That wraps up the second part of our series on the brightest and boldest innovators of today. Keep an eye out and stay tuned for more!