Four Bold Voices in the field of Innovation (Part 1)

voices on innovation
voices on innovation

Those who are the boldest are almost always the ones who advance a field and bring to it new dimensions and horizons. The bold are those who dare to think outside the box, beyond all boundaries, and come up with radical new concepts that have the power to change everything. For the field of innovation, here are four of the boldest voices leading the charge right now:

1. Michela Puddu

Sustainable products are a growing new trend, one that has taken the world by storm (and rightly so). Now more than ever consumers deeply care about the products they buy and whether they were acquired or created under ethical conditions and if those processes were environmentally non-harmful. Michela Puddu is at the forefront of leading this charge – by way of using DNA in a new and innovative way to test the products themselves. For example, a sweater can be tested to see the exact sources of the thread that is in it and see whether it is truly all sustainable or has been mixed in with thread from non-sustainable sources.

2. Krithik Ramesh

Spinal surgery is exceedingly complex, to a degree we cannot even imagine, and just one of the elements of the process is continuous X-Rays that need to be carried out to see how the spine is moving during surgery to ensure that the surgeon can maneuver through without any damage. But engineering whizkid Krithik Ramesh has figured out a new way to handle this issue – using VR (Virtual Reality) simulations to predict the movements of the spine, thus reducing the need for X-Rays which could otherwise bring harmful radiation. Brilliant!

3. Bicky Nguyen

Who’s up for eating bugs? Yes, you read that right and it’s actually not as radical a concept as you think! A quick Google will tell you all you ned to know about how bugs are quickly becoming a very popular source of protein and are superior to standard meats in many ways – including that their production and consumption is sustainable and completely environmentally sound! Bicky Nguyen is leading the charge on getting bugs on all our plates, starting with crickets and working on products like mayonnaise and sausages made from them.

4.       Spencer Gore

We got electric skateboards, scooters, mopeds, bikes, and cars! Are electric airplanes next? Spencer Gore certainly thinks so and he’s working on the forefront of this new direction for airplanes! An innovator at heart, Gore is an ex-Tesla engineer and is doing everything it takes to make our flying better for the environment. A quote from him: “The real question is is not when will we have electric airplanes, but when we have electric airplanes that fly far enough to start replacing conventionally fueled air transport. We’re not going to stop until it’s possible to travel anywhere in the world emissions free. It has to be done.”

That wraps up the first part of our ser son the brightest and boldest innovators. Keep an eye out and stay tuned for more!