The Five Best Technological Innovations of 2020
Technology Innovation

The Five Best Technological Innovations of 2020

Sahil Thakkar

There is no better field that can showcase the wonders of innovation than technology. Ever since the industrial revolution, technology has become an increasingly integral part of our lives and it flows into everything we do and connects us all in deeper ways than we ever would have thought possible. So here are five of the most groundbreaking and amazing technological innovations of 2020 so far:


Quantum computing is to today's computers what a rocket is to a bicycle. In theory, quantum computers could solve in seconds the problems that even today's best computers would take millenia to solve, from cracking unbelievably complex cryptographic codes and encryptions to simulating molecules at the deepest, most precise level to help develop new materials. 2020 has been cemented as the year that was the clarion call for the rise in quantum computing with Google's massive advances in calculations with quantum computing, each one being a powerful milestone.


When you think of AI, you might think of complex computing models or even evil robot overlords, but the truth is that AI is far closer than you think. How close? Well, it's right there in your pocket! AI is no longer restricted to the massive supercomputing clusters of old -- in fact, even your phone has a decent amount of AI packed into it. That's what Google Assistant and Siri are, to start with. Not to mention, all the speech recognition, keyboard suggestions, app suggestions, and more smart things that your phone does seamlessly throughout the day. They're not magic, but rather AI! AI is now a part of our daily lives, something we didn't think we'd see for centuries.


With Facebook's unveiling of Libra, a global digital currency for everyone, we are one step closer to a cashless (and coinless) future! China has also announced plans to transition it's entire country to purely digital transactions. Say goodbye to paper, metal, and even plastic, and say hello to credits, units, Galactic Z-Links, or whichever sci-fi-like currency floats your boat!


Satellites have been getting cheaper and easier to produce at faster rates than ever before. It is now feasible to launch and operate over tens of thousands of satellites in orbit simultaneously. SpaceX alone this decade plans to send more satellites than humans collectively have ever launched into orbit so far. The next time you see a twinkle in the sky, it's ever-more likely that it could be man-made as well!


Computers and hacking have always gone hand-in-hand. Whenever someone would make a strong system, someone would make an even stronger hack. And the cat-and-mouse game has gone on forever, only getting worse with the advent of the internet. However, fiber optic cables have now advanced to a level where any information sent through them can be completely protected. A global unhackable type of network isn't as far away as you think!

So, these are the five technological advances of the year that impressed us the most. And these are just the tip of the iceberg, there's no telling what unprecedented advances or discoveries they could even lead to!