Innovation Strategies from the Biggest Companies and Leaders of 2020 (Part 2 of 4)
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Innovation Strategies from the Biggest Companies and Leaders of 2020 (Part 2 of 4)

Sahil Thakkar

Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to start with innovation. You might want to make new ideas, while also incubating existing ones, while continuing current processes and routines uninterrupted, and so on. A good thing to do in this time is to see what the giants in all fields are doing because, after all, there’s a reason they’re giants.This article is part two of a four-part series where we will delve into this topic. The first two parts will be focused on the biggest companies, and the next two on smaller and lesser-known companies. So, without further ado, here are 4 more of the most innovative leaders and companies of 2020 so far, and what you and your organization can learn from them:

5. Alphabet

From Alphabet, we learn to leverage AI. AI is transforming the world and it is essentially impossible to name an industry which will NOT be fundamentally transformed by it on every level. We can see their successes with AI by seeing the huge progress they have made with Waymo self-driving cars this year.

6. Uber

From Uber, we learn to adapt. They could have been significantly impacted by the pandemic, but they put in strong safety measures to increase customer trust and they are on their way to being back to providing everyone a ride when and where they need it.

7. Facebook

From Facebook, we learn to revisit old ideas. Sometimes we may discard an idea, but it is simply before its time. When Facebook initially launched their Portal line of tablets made for communicating and video calling, they weren’t really a hit. But they have seen a massive surge now in the pandemic, and their convenient features such as hands-free video calling, auto zooming-in on subjects, and so on.

8. Huawei

And finally, from Huawei, we learn what might be the most powerful and significant lesson of the year. This is what everything else will rest on and this is what you need to build your foundation on. And that lesson is come back stronger and build back better.

Everyone thought Huawei was done for after the Trump administration’s ban on their products in the US, but they came back even stronger.

And now, with them developing their own OS and already having released their own wildly popular app store, the future has never looked brighter for Huawei.

These are four more of the most important lessons we’ve learned so far this year from the giants of our world. What did you think? Do you have any more? And what do you think the rest of 2020 holds for us and what we might learn from it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and stay tuned and watch this space for the next two parts which will focus on the smaller businesses because they need some love too!