Five Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Ideas

Questions About Ideas
Questions About Ideas

What runs the world? Hope? Energy? Passion? It’s all of those, sure, but it’s also ideas! Ideas are at the core of everything we do as humans, ever since the invention of the wheel! We get ideas, we try them out, if they succeed then we iterate on them, and if they fail, we generate some more! However, there are naturally many questions people have about ideas, since they are such a broad field. In this article, we aim to answer five of the most common ones!

1. What are ideas?

Is any thought an idea? What about my decision to wake up early? Or my thought about how there should be flying cars? Are all these ideas?

Great question. Ideas are all at once very diverse and hyperspecific. An idea is defined as a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action. From this definition, we can easily answer the question – what is an idea? Whatever you make of it!

2. What is the importance of ideas?

Are ideas important? Can they change the world?

Yes and yes! Ideas definitely have the power to change the world, and they have been doing so since the very beginning! Everything around us was once an idea. This is a very powerful concept once you grasp it. Medicine was once an idea, but since then it’s saved countless lives. Democracy was once just an idea but since then it’s transformed countless nations. And so on!

3. What makes an idea special?

What makes an idea better than others? Because some are great but some are just ‘okay’, right?

Not really! Because what matters almost even more than an idea is execution! A so-called ‘bad’ idea executed well is better than a great idea executed poorly. And any ideaexecuted in any way is better than an idea that was never executed!

4.       How do I get ideas?

If ideas are so important, then how do I start getting good ideas fast?

Possibly the most important question! How do you get ideas?! Well, it is a deep, meaningful, powerful process called ideation. You can use various tools or exercises to assist you with it, or you can even go freeform! If it sounds confusing, don’t worry, our next article is going to be all about this!

5. How do I get my ideas out?

I have some great ideas – if only someone would hear them, they’d recognize their quality and they’ll blow up!

You’re going down the wrong track! Tying back into question two, it’s not all just about ideas! Anyone can get ideas! You could have the idea for the next Uber or the next Facebook or the next Tesla, but if you just sit on it or do nothing more than tweet it out to your 12 followers, it will lead to nothing! The way to get your ideas to become huge is to make them huge!

We hope that’s answered your burning questions about ideas! If you have any more, leave them in the comments