20 Perfect Gifts For Your Boss Who Loves Innovation

20 Perfect Gifts For Your Boss Who Loves Innovation

Vishal Agarwal

1. Solar Laptop Charger

If your boss is environmentally conscious, a solar laptop charger is a thoughtful and useful gift, especially to inspire them to work outside of their usual spots.

Price: $69 on indiegogo.com

2. Time tracking device

Tracking your work in time to become more efficient can be a real struggle. With this time tracking tool, time gets more manageable, comprehensible and useful.

Price: $112 at timeular.com

3.    Vacuum Insulated coffee mug

Zojirushi’s bottles feature a unique insulation technology that helps keep drinks hot or cold for up to 6 hours. It is available in a bunch of different colours. I mean, who doesn’t love a cute bottle which pours you the first hot coffee for your day.

Price: $25 at amazon.com

4. Simple wallet

Is your boss tired of bulky wallets not fitting in pockets?

Gift them this minimal wallet that ejects your cards at a press of a button. Not only is it extremely chic but it’s extremely delightful to watch your cards swiftly eject. Such a powerful feeling!

Price: $45 at secrid.com

5.  Evernote Plus Subscription

It is totally cool to not gift materialistic things these days. Buy them the subscription of Evernote and they will thank you for decluttering their life. Almost like a second brain, Evernote helps them remember and organize everything.

Price: $35 per year at evernote.com

6. Moleskine Notebook

Appeal to the old fashioned classic in your boss and gift him/her a Moleskine notebook and personalize it by engraving a message on its cover.

Price: $15 at moleskine.com

7. Felt Fortune Cookies

Instead of gorging through their regular fortune cookies, there’s an inspirational note in these ‘serendipity cookies’ to give you a happiness boost or a quick meditation exercise to help you relax. There’s nothing which screams ‘self care’ like this gift!

Price: $19 at dawanda.com

8. Mikado pick-up sticks

This game relaxes you immediately, as it punishes impatience and requires full concentration. Quite perfect for a quick break around lunch time to refocus.

Price: $8 at amazon.com

9. Waterproof notebook for the shower

Long showers and deep thoughts go hand in hand. Give them the gift of never losing an idea again with this waterproof notebook.

Price: $12.99 on amazon

10. Retro pin art gadget

Who wouldn’t one of these on their desks? No explanations required!

11. Paper Weight Decision Maker

You’ve got to feel for the boss – every decision comes down to him. Take some of the weight off his shoulders with this decision maker which will tell him what to do.

Price: $15.25 on amazon

12. Scratch Map Deluxe

If you know your boss has been to a lot of places, get them this scratch map which shows all of the countries of the world and lets them scratch off the places they’ve been. It leaves the rest of the map covered up, spurring on more travel to try and uncover even more.

Price: ₹2,380.34 - ₹3,570.50 on uncommon goods

14. Bedside Smartphone Vase

This smartphone vase will make a fabulous gift for any boss who loves their aesthetics, as not only does it hold office-brightening flowers, but it provides a stand for their mobile.

Price: ₹2,380.34 on uncommon goods

15.Bubble Wrap Calendar

Bubble wrap is THE most effective stress reliever, and it’s so much fun! This calendar features a single bubble for every day of the year, just waiting to be loudly popped.

Price: $24.99 on amazon

16. Mini Tabletop Pool

Let the bigwig relax in the office by giving him one of these table top pool sets, which comes with billiards balls, cues, chalk, and miniature triangle rack for setting up.

Price: $24.99 on amazon

17. PhoneSoap UV Phone Sanitizer & Charger

Keep your staff’s phones clean and safe with PhoneSoap. Using UV light, this unassuming case will kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria on the phone while it charges, leaving it sterilized and ready to use in the morning.

Price: $79.95 on phonesoap.com

18. Hidrate Spark Steel Smart Water Bottle

A water bottle for 60$ sounds overkill, right?! This smart bottle is worth every penny, if you’re someone who’s too lazy to hydrate!

It syncs to an app on their phone where they can track their daily intake; if they haven't sipped in awhile, they'll not only get an alert to drink, the water

bottle will glow until they take a chug. The latest version includes a rechargeable battery and fast-charging cable so you never miss a sip.

Price: $59.99 on amazon.com

19. Ruffwear Approach Dog Pack

Is your boss a fitness enthusiast? Or an animal lover? Or both?! Whether hiking, running, or biking, if your dog is your sidekick for outdoor fitness, one of these backpacks is a must. Grab your pup like a duffel bag by a padded handle and set foot on a little adventure together!

Price: $79.95on amazon.com

20. Coffee De-stress - Gift Kit

Is your boss a caffeine lover?

This is the perfect gift for them! Accompanies a handcrafted wooden massager, It is a gender-neutral and a premium gifting option.

Price: Rs. 955.00 on mcaffeine