10 Pinterest Accounts to Follow About Ideas
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10 Pinterest Accounts to Follow About Ideas

Vishal Agarwal

An explosion of inspiration or ‘Pinspiration’(quirkily termed by ‘Pinners’) on the platform has garnered innovators and creators all around the globe. Whether it be web-designing, UI/UX, marketing, business development, creative writing or even planning your dream vacation, Pinterest is every millennial’s source for a daily dose of aesthetic and good vibes! Unlike Instagram, users are not only receptive to brand content, they find it helpful too. Pinterest is not just your quintessential visual search engine but also can be used as a productivity tool. We have collected some amazing Pinterest accounts to get your creative juices flowing!

1.    Graphic Design Junction

Inspiring creatives with design news, giveaways and tutorials, Graphic Design Junction is your go to place for designers and developers.

Their wordpress site has beautifully designed templates and logos. Their articles on digital photography are definitely worth reading!

2.   Sean Booth

Sharing his love for technology and design, this account should be viewed by every aspiring designer. His personalised account comes as a breath of fresh air which makes it less intimidating than other massive Pinterest profiles. Brownie points because he’s a self-proclaimed geek who loves gaming!

3.     Lauren Zwanziger

Aesthetically pleasing photos on travel, fashion and design? Yes, please!

Lauren Zwanziger is a Digital Strategist with an 8+ year demonstrated history of delivering content across the entertainment, fashion, travel & lifestyle industries while working with a vast variety of notable brands such as: Condé Nast Traveler, CBS, Nordstrom, L'Oréal, Madewell, Chambord & more. Don’t forget to check out her blog site which beautifully captures her life of travel and fashion!

4.    Creative Boom

Art and culture, Advertising, Film, Digital, Graphic design, Illustration, Photography, you name it!

Creative Boom is the jack of all trades. Their pins share a very holistic insight into the creative field. Don’t forget to check out their podcast with Lisa Maltby about freelancing on their blog site!

5.    WP Assistant for WordPress

For all you innovators struggling with wordpress, this profile is your one-stop solution for everything Wordpress!

Tips, tricks, plug ins, hacks, it’s all covered here. Navigate easily through your Wordpress site, whether you run an agency or a personal blog site.

6.    TeachThought

If you’re an online instructor looking for better methods to guide your student to become better learners, TeachThought is the place for you.

From innovative ways for inspiring students to search engines that aid academic research, this profile is a safe haven for learning and unlearning methods to evolve as a teacher.

7. Basic Concept

Their bio is pretty self explanatory!

Basic-concept.com thrives to inform you about the basics of anything such as business, science, education, technology, theory, etc.

8. Hustle Smarter

This profile shares tips about strategic management and news that every budding entrepreneur and business enthusiast should read.

Their website offers business Courses and mentoring too.

9. Visual.ly

Providing original visual content for brands, visual.ly offers services for digital marketing, reports, presentation, writing, etc.

Their Pinterest profile has some great pins about industry trends and interesting tidbits about marketing.

10.  Mucho

An absolute eye candy for creatives and designers, Mucho is a global boutique design studio.

Their work is contemporary, risky and new. If you can’t stop drooling over their profile, then do not forget to check out their website! To call it stunning would be an understatement.